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2014-03-21 12:41 ChineseTime

Liulichang Culture Street

Liulichang Culture Street has a history of more than 700 years. Liulichang has long been a cluster of time-honored shops such as the Rongbaozhai and Cathay Bookshop. After several renovations, the area has retained its classic style, while becoming a favorite for locals and foreign visitors in search of books, paintings, antiquities and stationery, especially the "four treasures of the study" and traditional Chinese artwork.

Liulichang Culture Street

Rongbaozhai, known as the "home of painters and calligraphers,” is an artists’ paradise for anyone engaging in the practice of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. Ancient books are available in the Cathay Bookshop.

Address: Hepingmenwai, Xicheng district

Traffic: Bus Nos 7, 14 or 15


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