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2012-12-28 10:24 ChineseTime

Sarah's Home is a real-estate agency based in Nanjing, P.R. China. We are specialised in apartment rental, house rental, and villa rental in Nanjing. Our main focus is to find appropriate apartments in Nanjing for foreign clients. Knowing the needs and wishes of expats, we can provide best services to find a suitable property for you in China.

Sarah's Home is one of the best real estate rental agencies for Expats in Nanjing due to our extensive range of houses, apartments, villas, and services, tailored to the needs of the foreign community in Nanjing. Our agents are fluent in both, Chinese and English, services in German and Dutch are also available on request.

Our rates are highly competitive, try our friendly and professional service today!

We provide you the best service in:
Consultation about the best location of your apartment or villa
Finding the perfect real estate for your stay in Nanjing
Helping to settle-in
Finding a reliable house-keeping service
Advising on small business start-ups
Searching for offices that suit your needs perfectly.
Find your home in Nanjing here at Sarah's Home! On this web site you will find a representative collection of different apartments and villas in Nanjing that we currently have on offer. Please call us for getting to know more details. We are looking forward to helping you!


Address: Shimao Binjiang New City, No.89 Nantong Road, Xiaguan,Nanjing, P.R. China
Mobile Phone: +86 150 0514 7722

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