Shaofu Lijiang Shishan Renjia

2014-02-12 08:16 ChineseTime

Shaofu Lijiang Shishan Renjia

Qian Li Zou Dan Ji Culture & Tourism Development Co. Ltd. is an industrialized group that specializes in tourism project investment. As a leading business in the Lijiang cultural and tourism sector, it comprises a number of high-end holiday hotels, bars and Chinese and western restaurants. Shaofu Lijiang Shishan Renjia is a superb holiday hotel, a superb representative of the group. It was evaluated as a five-star hotel of unique features soon after it was established.

The hotel is located at the Lion Hill, a treasure land of Lijiang. Shaofu Lijiang Shishan Renjia consists of seven courtyards, with nearly 100 guest rooms. Each room has its own characteristic style. They are decorated with many antique ornaments. No matter which room you check into, you will be impressed with its placid luxury, thanks to the delicately designed displays, and to the brilliant sunshine and incredible landscapes just outside the windows. The rooms offer free long-distance phone calls throughout the country. They furnish high-speed broadband networks for computers, allowing customers to conveniently connect with the outside world in travels.

Shaofu Lijiang Shishan Renjia

Address: No.74 Shuangshi Section, Xinhua Street, Lijiang Ancient Town

Tel: 0888-8887370

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