chiński opera pekińska

  • Chinese Idiom Chu Songs On Four Sides- sì miàn chǔ gē
    Chu Songs On Four Sides Pin Yin sì miàn chǔ gē 四面楚歌 After the Qin Dynasty (221 - 206 BC) downfall, the State of Chu and the State of Han fought for control of China. In 202 B.C, Han forces led by Liu Bang, the king of Han, and the other two warlords, Han Xin and Peng Yue, attacked ...
  • Pogoda deszczowa trafienia większość części z Chin
    Rainy weather hits most parts of China a car attempts to cross a street submerged in water in Henan. Although the rain made it inconvenient to go out, it has helped to relieve the persistent drought conditions there.On May 8 a woman wades through the water-submersed street in Henan. Although the...
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