Fairy tale

  • Fairy tale-The White Snake Lady
    In Song dynasty, there were a white snake and a green snake who had magical power in the Emei Mountain. One year, they transformed into two beautiful young ladies and came into the mundane world to find a man named Xu Xian who saved the white snake´s life on previous generation at the West Lake of ...
  • Fairy tale obecnie Buddy Z pożyczonych kwiaty
    Once upon a time, there was a small town which was hit by a serious plague of locusts. As a result, whatever people planted could not harvest or even could not grow. In addition, wild animals, due to lack of food, often came out of forest, attacking livestock and humans, which caused all residents o...
  • Ośmiu Nieśmiertelnych przekraczania Morza
    The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea bā xiān guò hǎi 八仙过海 chuán shuō lǚ dòng bīn děng bá wèi shén xiān tú jīng dōng hǎi 传说 吕洞宾 等 八位 神仙 途经 东海 qù xiān dǎo , zhǐ jiàn jù làng xiōng yǒng 。 lǚ dòng bīn tí yì gè zì tóu 去 仙岛, 只...
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