Yunwei wegetariańska

2014-06-27 11:57 ChineseTime

Yunwei Vegetarian


Yunwei Vegetarian Food Restaurant impresses diners with a simple layout and a sense of buddhism. All dishes are quite creative: diners can smell a light lotus flavor in Hetang Yuese, Lanse Huoyan looks cool and diners will smell its aroma when cutting it apart.

Recommended dishes: Furong Yangyan Soup, Chunjiang Shuinuan, Hetang Yuese, Yanhuo Feiyu, Lanse Huoyan

Yunwei Vegetarian

Address: No. B1-107, Huifeng Shidai Dasha, No. 11, Huifengyuan, Taipingqiao Dajie, Xicheng District

Tel: 010 - 58362560/58362570

Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00

Average cost per person: 63 RMB


How to say you're vegetarian in Chinese:
wǒ chī sù !
我  吃 素 !
I'm vegetarian.

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