Chinese Internet Slang--你行你上

2015-07-09 08:11 ChineseTime

Chinese Internet Slang--你行你上

nǐ xíng nǐ shàng
You can you up!

Meaning: If you can do it, then you go and do it.

It’s used against people who criticize others’ work, especially when the criticizer is not that much better.

Chinese Internet Slang--你行你上

Often the phrase is followed by:

bù xíng bié bǐ bǐ
no can no BB

meaning: if you can’t do it, then don’t criticize others.

“BB” means to nag or complain in Beijing and Dongbei dialects.

nǐ xíng nǐ shàng   
你行你上 不行别比比
You can you up,no can no BB

The phrase originated from the public’s response to the Lakers’ being defeated by the Thunder in the Western Conference Semi-finals of 2012. A lot of people blamed Kobi for losing the game at that time, but one of the real fans of Kobi came to his defense and said: “you can you up”. This later was widely spread on the internet and became popular internet slang.(汉语世界)

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