A cooperação e o comércio das indústrias culturais Sino-UE

2012-05-23 11:48 ChineseTime

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Experts exchange their views at the seminar.

The cooperation and trade of Sino-EU cultural industries have been successfully started, and now companies of two sides began to set up joint ventures for further cooperation, said Wang Huiying, Deputy Inspector of Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Services, Ministry of Commerce of China, at the Sino-EU Cultural & Creative Industries Cooperation Seminar held on the second day of the 8th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair. According to her, the EU has become one of the important partners of China in cultural industries and merely in 2011, China exported US$5.09 billion core cultural products to the EU.

New direction: cultural & creative industries

Wang Huiying pointed out that culture is an important source of national cohesion and creativity, an important factor in comprehensive national strength, as well as an important supporting sector for economic development. The cultural industry is the core industry in modern service industries and a typical low-carbon, green and emerging industry. Developed cultural industry is an important way of promoting sustainable development.

When analyzing the trend in the international cultural industries, Wang said, cultural and creative industries characterized by innovation, cross-border and complex development are the highlight and direction of the current global cultural industries, as well as an important driving force for other related industries. The new technological revolution provides new means for the expansion of the cultural functions and spawns a series of new cultural formats. EU, China"s major cultural trading partner

"As one of the most developed regions for cultural and creative industries, Europe has a lot of good experiences and practices that we can learn from," said Wang. China and the EU had a good foundation for cooperation and exchanges in cultural industries, both China and EU member states have a long history and rich cultural resources, and people of both sides have a strong willingness to understand each other"s cultures, she added.

In recent years, cultural enterprises in China and the EU not only provided a variety of cultural products and services, but also integrated their resources to create a lot of good work.

Today, the EU has become one of the important partners of China in cultural industries. In 2011, China exported to the EU US$5.09 billion core cultural products, accounting for 27.2% of the total cultural exports in that year, and Chinese imported from the EU US$ 230 million core cultural products, or 8.3% of total imports.

ICIF promotes cultural industry exchanges

Wang Huiying highly affirmed the role of the ICIF in the promotion of Chinese cultural industry development and the cultural industry exchanges between China and Europe.

She said that the two sides had held Sino-EU Cultural Industry Forum at the 5th ICIF, Europe, Sino-EU Cultural Industry Cooperation Seminar & Workshop at the 7th ICIF, and now Sino-Eu Cultrual & Creative Industries Cooperation Seminar.

"Holding such a seminar is of paramount importance", said Wang, "From it we can see that the form of Sino-EU cultural exchanges is also innovative. Through cultural exchanges, promoting and facilitating the development of cultural industries of China and EU is our common goal "

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