We understand what your foreign employees need
Practical topics to help them adapt to life in China fast.
"Practical Chinese", which ChineseTime developed independently, is a set of courses for foreigners who are living in China. Each unit focuses on instructing students on how to deal with various real-life issues within the context of a specific situation.

Apart from language learning, each unit is also accompanied by illustrative stories to allow students to discover more about Chinese culture, customs, modern Chinese people, and so on - helping them enjoy and integrate into a new social environment.
Flexible teaching method allows employees to embrace the fun of learning Chinese especially - after a busy work day.
We provide a full range of Chinese teaching styles: traditional classroom, online courses and online private lessons to meet the different needs of various types of student.

Students can choose when and where they learn. For example: a student takes face-to-face lessons when he has time. While on a business trip, he continues his studies with his teacher through online Skype lessons, and watches movies from the online courses during his spare time. He can study as much as he wants.
We consider what your company cares about
Will such flexible services be very expensive?
Compared to the traditional classroom model alone (including on-site services), online teaching is cost effective especially on transportation expenses - neither teacher nor student has to travel. For the student, this means more efficient studying time, which in the long run, saves money for your company.

One of the primary goals when we formulated our textbook was to help the student build a good foundation in the Chinese language in a short period of time. Our integrated teaching service will stimulate students’ enthusiasm, improve their efficiency and save you money.
After your company pays for language tuition, how can you monitor employee progress? How can you discover if your employees really benefit from the program?
In the traditional teaching mode, few students can complete the whole program - most students drop out due to various reasons. Without any doubt, you do not want this to happen, because this means that your company's resources are wasted. ChineseTime’s unique integrated teaching services can greatly optimize the schedule for students. In addition, we will constantly encourage and monitor students with a “Personal Coaching” follow-up. This approach will significantly reduce the student drop out rate.

ChineseTime’s tracking system records all studying activities, including face-to-face classes, online Skype lessons and self-study courses. Through our progress report system, you will clearly see weekly study times, units learned, teachers’ feedback and students’ evaluations.