Study Tour

China study tour

Chinese Time School has years' experience to hold the study tour. Generally the tour lasting between 1 and 4 weeks and suitable for school groups, university faculties or students as well as groups organised by travel agencies or community associations, we can customise a program with Chinese language classes, cultural activities (i.e. calligraphy, kung fu, Chinese tea etc.), weekend excursions, accommodation according to your group's requirements.

Immersed study environment

  • Small class with maximum 12 students
  • Practical Chinese to enrich Chinese ability
  • Real scene to practice Chinese skill and an interact with natives
  • Comfortable class atmosphere
  • Considerate consultants and responsible supervisors

Experience Chinese culture

  • Chinese special course: Calligraphy , Taiji ,Chinese cooking ,Paper cutting , ect.
  • Chinese Famous tourist destinations: Great Wall ,Forbidden City ,Oriental Pearl TV tower .the Bund, ect.
  • Chinese arts and history: visiting diverse museums and historic sites, enjoying local operas or plays, ect.
  • Authentic Chinese food: well-known local snakes , famous local restaurants , century-old shops, ect.

Duration of camps ( for reference)

  • 1 week camp: intensive and fast to improve Chinese
  • 2 weeks camp: relaxing to enjoy Chinese learning and culture
  • 4 weeks camp: deep to understand real Chinese.


  • 3 or 4 star hotel
  • full-furnished
  • qualified local home

Modern China: Shanghai
Shanghai study tour

Traditional China: Beijing
Beijing study tour

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