О нас
1.Who we are
Chinesetime was founded in 2006 in Shanghai, China. As one of the earliest online Chinese training platforms, we are dedicated to provide you the most effective Chinese learning by innovative online courses and 1-to-1 professional Skype lessons. Together with many other carefully designed learning activities, we ensure that your learning experience with us will be effective and fun.
Since founded, we have been in close cooperation with several Chinese top universities, published our own Chinese learning materials, and achieved an exclusive partnership with the biggest E-commerce Chinese enterprise, Alibaba, for its international channel of Chinese learning.
Fast-forward to 2014, Chinesetime is recognized as one of the leading online Chinese training enterprises in China. We have further developed and refined our products to keep pace with customers, e-learning, and technical requirements. We are devoted to help individuals, corporations and schools remove the barriers to effective learning, communication, cultural exchange and their global exploration.
2.What we believe
Chinese learning is easier than you think. Chinese language might be difficult for its mysterious characters and tonal pronunciation. But if you have closer look, Chinese is easier in many ways compared to western languages. For example, it has no tense or gender, no articles or noun plurals, no verb conjugation, and it has easier grammar and fixed sentence pattern.
Everyone has the potential to master Chinese well with the commitment to learn a new language. What needs to be bear in mind is that the methods for Chinese learning may be different from those for the other languages.
We believe that there is a more effective way to learn Chinese, and thus we embarked a mission to create an online learning platform that helps you on that.
3.What we do
Our approach
Chinese learning is more effective,
*by interacting with online courses, games and teachers;
*by setting priorities for your own learning pace and purpose;
*by engaging in communication;
*by understanding characters and culture.
  Chinese learning system
Our online learning platform provides you all resources that are necessary for effective Chinese learning. Based on a blended learning approach, we build up our  Chinese learning system. This system emphasizes four essential steps you should take for an effective learning: learn, practice, connect and explore.
Our approach for learning is communicative, carefully paced and setting priorities. The online courses and Skype lessons provide adequate interaction to enhance the engagement and autonomous learning of students. You can choose your own pace or purpose to learn and to set priorities. For example, we have specialized course for pronunciation to help you learn spoken Chinese as the first step to ‘break into’ Chinese tonal language system.
Our approach for practicing is to have fun. All our courses are supported by visualized and interactive online exercises. These exercises reinforce the lessons in a fun and efficient way. We have practices for pronunciation, characters writing, dialogue, and vocabulary test.
Our approach for connecting is to share and to get inspired. You can create links to the global Chinese learning community. It is not only a motivational booster, but also an excellent way of identifying problems you might have with Chinese learning and get helped from your study partners.
Our approach for exploring is to understand. To become a confident Chinese speaker, you need to understand not only the language but also the people and the country. Culture immersion, provided under the channel of ‘explore’, is essential for you to make meaningful communication, and to continue and expand your learning experience.
4.Our Team and Teachers
‘Professionalism, Dedication and Quality’ is what we pursue in our learning services. Our members are from top universities of China, with specialized knowledge in Chinese education as foreign language and plenty of experiences in this field. Our teachers are all professional Chinese language teachers. With the pure mandarin pronunciation and lively interaction, we are sure that you will enjoy your learning experience.