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2016-05-20 16:02 ChineseTime

Beijing to restore gate of old China Hotel

Planning layout for the Dashilar project (Photo/Beijing News)

The Beijing municipal commission of urban planning said the city will rebuild the gate of what was once the China Hotel according to an original plan from the Republic of China period (1912-49), when it gives a face-lift to Dashilar, one of the oldest commercial districts in Beijing, Beijing Times reports.

The commission publicized overall planning for the Dashilar project last August, asking for public feedback, and on Thursday unveiled the final result. The Dashilar area has a history of more than 500 years.

According to the latest plans, the whole project area will be divided by Chenian Hutong into two parts: the north will be built into a historic conservation area while the south will facilitate commercial purposes.

Reconstruction of the conservation area in the north should be consistent with the styles of existing historical buildings and hutongs, as well as conform to relevant rules in protecting historical relics.

While buildings in the commercial area can range in height from 7.6 to 28 meters, traditional materials, elements and building techniques will be adopted in order to maintain overall harmony with the surrounding environment.

In particular, the urban planning commission will follow the advice of experts on the protection of cultural relics to restore the gate of the China Hotel to the state it was in during the Republic of China period, as part of the general building of facades standing along the commercial street.(ECNS)

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