Business in China

  • Gåva-ger
    General Guidelines With few exceptions, good business relationships are built upon strong personal relationships. Selecting an appropriate and proper gift requires knowledge and sensitivity. The art of gift giving is a tradition that has been around for a long time. There exists an excellent sugg...
  • Kinesiska måltid Etiquette
    The meal is an intrinsic part of doing business in China Meals are part of the meeting sequence of doing business in China. Be prepared for two-hour lunches and three- to six-hour dinners, sometimes followed by a few hours of karaoke. This is a time when both sides ostensibly are relaxing but ...
  • 5 Tips to Invest and Do Business in China
    1. Have clear understanding of China It is essential to understand the culture of the country before investing in it. Understanding China is vital as China is a land of vast diversity. As such it is important for the company to understand the culture and the society’s values before establishing ...
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