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  • Lära sig kinesiska alfabetet
    Learning Chinese Alphabet 123456789 Chinese Pronunciation韵母Finals现代汉语普通话的语音共有三十九个韵母,韵母是由元音或元音加鼻辅音构成的,可分为三类。(1)只包含一个元音的是单韵母,如a,o.(2)包含两三个元音的是复韵母,如ai,ua,iao.(3)包含一两个元音和一个鼻音韵尾的是鼻韵母,如an,üan,eng,iong.The phon...
  • Lära sig kinesiska nummer med gester
    Learning Chinese number with gestures 用手势学中文数字Chineese Number :0 = 零 (líng)1 = 一 (yī)2 = 二 (èr)3 = 三 (sān)4 = 四 (sì)5 = 五 (w?)6 = 六 (lìu)7 = 七 (qī)8 = 八 (bā)9 = 九 (j?u)10 = 十 (shí)Months:1) January: 一月 [yí yuè]2) February: 二月 [èr yuè]3) March: 三月 [sā...
  • Traditionell kinesiska Converter
    Traditional Chinese ConverterTraditional Chinese Converter online火星文 彩字秀
  • Kinesiska Lu
    Chinese Lu
  • Tecken Kunskap
    (1) 汉字的构成:The construction of Chinese characters1.汉字已有三千年的历史。Chinese characters which are now in current use, have a history of over 3,000 years.2.汉字的字形是方的,所以也称为“方块字”。方块字由不同的笔划组成,而拼音文字则是由字母拼写而成的。They are also known as “square charac...
  • Vet du hur många antal kinesiska tecken ?
    How many number of Chinese characters?The total number of Chinese characters from past to present remains unknowable because new ones are developed all the time - for instance, brands may create new characters when none of the existing ones allow for the intended meaning. Chinese characters are theo...
  • Hej i kinesiska tecken
    Chinese Characters for你 View Character Movie你PinYin:ni3BuShou:亻+5you很好,谢谢你。All right ,thank you.很高兴见到你。Nice to meeting you.
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    The Most Difficult Characters
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