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  • Shanghai Slim's
    Surf and turf is at the heart of this meaty operation, which comes from the minds behind New York Style Steak & Burger. Moving on up from TianZiFang and taking up residence in SiNan Mansions, the place features a champagne and oyster bar, an open kitchen and cozy fireside dining.Locations1Add: Bldg ...
  • Deliroma Pizza
    We use freshly dough daily, high quality cheese, topped with our secret recipes sauce and high quality ingredients. Dine in or free delivery within 3km.Locations1Add: 541 West Tian Shan Road ()天山西路541号 ()Tel: 61508230More locations2Add: No.2128 Yanggao Zhong lu杨高中路2128号Tel: 51348523 3Add: ...
  • Domino's Pizza
    Where all the best ingredients fall into place. 9” and 12” in various styles including all your favorites. Minimum order for home delivery RMB50.Locations1Add: 876 HuaMu Rd (near BaiYang Rd)浦东新区花木路876号 (近白杨路)Tel: 400-882-5252More locations2Add: 120 WeiFang W. Rd潍坊西路120号3Add: 2178...
  • Melrose Pizza
    Providing reasonably priced pizzas, pastas and sandwiches at your door 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Melrose is a popular delivery pizza company and winner of the PMQ Chinese Pizza Championship.Locations1Add: 1/F, ShanghaiMart Exhibition Centre, 2299 Yan'An W. Rd (near GuBei Rd)延安西路2299号1楼上...
  • Gioiamia Cafe
    Pizzeria cafe with several locations.Locations1Add: 1/F, Qi Hua, 1375 Huaihai Zhong Lu (Fuxing Xi Lu, Metro Line 1 Changshu Lu Station)淮海中路1375号启华大厦1层 (近复兴西路, 地铁1号线常熟路站)Tel: 6473-9994, 6471-3484More locations2Add: B1, 118 Pujian Lu浦建路118号新世界商场B1楼Tel: 5192-5321, 5192...
  • Ba Shen Barbecue Square
    Ba Shen Barbecue Square Locations1Add: 275 Weifang Lu, by Shiji Da Dao ()潍坊路275号,世纪大道旁 ()Tel: 62567242Hours: Daily 11am-2pm, 5-10pmMore locations2Add: 2/F, 832 Nanjing Xi Lu, by Shimen Yi Lu南京西路832号2楼,近石门一路Tel: 6267 3916Hours: Daily 11am-2pm, 5-10pm3Add: 1610 Pudong Road, by Mi...
  • Masse Bistro & Bar
    Formerly known as Racks, Masse still contains masses of pool tables and cheap beer, but also includes an expanded food menu with satisfying, popular eats.Locations1Add: 5-6/F, 219 JinXian Rd (near ShaanXi S. Rd) Show on map 进贤路219号5-6楼 (近陕西南路)Tel: 5212-5971Hours: 每日 Daily 11:00-late 深夜
  • Brasil Steak House
    Meat eaters delight in this churrascaria joint, which has an all-you-can-eat offer that makes even the biggest stomachs beg for mercy.Locations1Add: 100 CaoXi N. Rd ()漕溪北路100号 ()Tel: 6437-7288
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