• Nya åtta sevärdheter i Shanghai
    1.十(shí) 里(lǐ) 霓(ní) 虹(hóng) nán jīng lù shì shàng hǎi zuì rè nao fán huá de shāng yè
  • Shanghai kollektivtrafik kort
    The Shanghai public transportation card (SPTC) or jiaotong yikatong is a contactless card
  • Cykel för mode och konst
    This short half day bike tour will take you to visit the most fashionable and popular areas in Beijing. You can start your cycling from Wangfujing Avenue.
  • Beijing grillat Anka restauranger
    Beijing duck is the local flavor of Beijing
  • Air China
    Flight information Flight status Flight scheduleDownload Flight SchedulesRoute maps
  • Mordor Shanghai
    Throughout the past century, Shanghai has had numerous name tags attached to it; like "Paris of the Orient" and "Pearl of China". Images of Shanghai more than any other Chinese city, are bountiful in the west. A visit here therefore, is naturally tainted to some extent, with a preconception of how t...
  • Beijing Silk Street (Xiushui Street)
    Silk Street lies in Xiushuidong Jie (East Xiushui Street) off Jianguomenwai Dajie, near the US Embassy.
  • Fem bästa universiteten i Shanghai med stark styrka i medicin
    The Chinese medicine, which has a long history, is a unique school of its own.
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