Remote Chongqing byborna bygga väg på klippa till slutet isolering

2017-05-04 10:27 ChineseTime

The road built on a 1,500-meter-high cliff by villagers in Chongqing. [Photo provided by People's Daily]

Residents of the village of Shuangping in Chongqing municipality built a road on a 1,500-meter-high cliff, connecting their village with the outside world.

Before the construction of the road, villagers had to spend four hours climbing an 800-meter ladder hung on the cliff's face if they wanted to enter or depart from Shuangping. The extremely dangerous journey caused many accidental deaths and property losses. A lack of traffic also impeded the village's economic and trade development. Many of the villagers were barely able to support themselves.

In order to shake off the shackles of poverty, the villagers independently began raising money in 1997 to build a road on the cliff. After a year of hard work, a preliminary road was finally completed. Later, it was further developed using government funds and social capital in 2011.

The road has lifted hundreds of people out of extreme poverty since its installation. In addition, the road has become a tourist site in its own right thanks to its beautiful views.

The road built on a 1,500-meter-high cliff by villagers in Chongqing [Photo provided by People's Daily]


险象环生 [xiǎn xiàng huán shēng]: signs of danger appearing everywhere; incessant occurrences [crises]



摆脱贫困 [bǎi tuō pín kùn]: shake off poverty;




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