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  • Ben Ming Nian
    the Chinese animal zodiac is a rotating cycle of 12 year, for every 12 years a certain year of animal recurs. For example, if a person was born in the year of 1990, which was the year of the horse, then his animal sign is horse. In every 12 years, so to say when this person is 12, 24, 48, 60, 72...
  • Vad är Kiromanti
    Palmistry is a branch of ancient science, which deals with the complete study of the palms-prints to get the idea of future events in life. Palmistry is considered as evidence which shows that everyone has a different life as we all have different palm prints. Its practice is not limited to any part...
  • The 24 solar terms of China
    立春 the Beginning of Spring (1st solar term)Feb.3,4, or 5雨水 Rain Water (2nd solar term)Feb.18,19 or 20惊蜇 the Waking of Insects (3rd solar term)Mar.5,6, or 7春分 the Spring Equinox (4th solar term)Mar.20,21 or 22清明 Pure Brightness (5th solar term)Apr.4,5 or 6谷雨 Grain Rain (6th sol...
  • Gratis horoskop
    Free HoroscopeRequest your 100% accurate Personal Forecast Now!!!Test your Skill today ,I can tell you about Love , Money and your Career over all the Coming Monthsjik
  • Chinese Zodiac 中国12生肖
    Chinese Zodiac 中国12生肖What year were you born in the Chinese zodiac calendar? Browse the calendar to find your birth year and more about your Chinese zodiac sign : Rat19241936194819601972198419962008Ox19251937194919611973198519972009Tiger19261938195019621974198619982010Rabbit19271939195119631975...
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