Tips om Import och export från Kina

2012-06-19 11:57 ChineseTime

Finding a producer

Finding the right producer is the first obstacle. In order to make a first selection out of the millions of factories around China, the following options are available:

Finding a producer yourself. 
In case you want to find a producer yourself, one of the first things is to make a selection out of the millions of factories which exist in China. The following websites can give information on a large number of manufacturers. From the list of producers, a first selection can be made on the basis of capability, quality, capacity, product range etc.

It is also possible to contact manufacturers at the local trade fairs and exhibitions. Please visit the web site more frequently as we will publish some links to organizers of trade fairs and exhibitions.

Contacting the selected factories/ companies from abroad is now usually done by e-mail, although fax remains the major source of communication. Please note however that English is not widely spoken. At the Guangzhou Fair each company usually has English speaking staff available. However, for those not exhibiting there, and for talks after the Fair, communication is often a problem.

Having a third party search for you 
Another option is to have a third party search for you. A number of companies in China and Hong Kong can provide this service for you. This can often be done by the economic section of your own countries embassy, trade promotion offices, or consultants. Chengdu Time can also provide this service to you. Please look at the Consulting section on our Business pages. It will give a number of benefits in return:

- time-saving, as the third party does most of the work 
- problem-saving, as the communication problem is not existing for these companies 
- wider range of manufacturers, as they are capable of dealing with factories directly, most of whom have not yet entered the internet- or fax age.  

Quality Control

Quality Control is most probably one of the major parts of the operation. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is advised to have regular Quality Checks done by someone other than the producer. Quality problems are usually the result of communication problems, sometimes due to time pressure, and sometimes due to other reasons. Small problems could lead to losing your customer. Please find a number of examples that happen, and can be easily avoided.

A producer faced with a problem that some of the material which had to be re-ordered was sold out, used similar material in order to make the deadline. Unfortunately, despite the good intentions, he did not inform the buyer. Since the quality level was not the same, the client could not accept the goods.

A client was surprised to see that his product was different than the one ordered. The factory had come up with an improvement to one of the features of the product. Nice gesture, but unfortunately unacceptable as the products were not ordered that way.

A buyer was surprised to see that the colour of a product was different than the colour used in the approved production sample; the sample was made with material bought on the wholesale market. When the order was given a few weeks later, the material was sold out, and the buyer opted for a similar colour. Although the colour difference was hard to detect, the company had to reject the products, and tens of thousands of products had to be changed.

A producer, faced with a sudden lucrative offer for an urgent matter of one of his clients, decided to halt the ongoing production process for another client. The delay was just one week, but this was enough for the other client to miss the deadline for delivery, and lose his customer.

A client was puzzled by the bad quality of one of the first products to come out of production, since the sample had been excellent. He decided to take a look at the factory without prior notice, and found that they were not producing his product; after having made the sample, the factory had subcontracted the order to another factory. This has happened for money saving reasons as well as for capacity problems.

Usually, QC is done at the beginning of the production, to assess possible starting problems, output capacity etc. Other checks are randomly done during the production process to check whether quality is maintained, whether the material used is the same as stated in the contract, whether there is no time pressure etc. The last check is usually done when goods are loaded into a container, preceded by random checks at the warehouse.


In order to export goods, an export license is required. Most trading organizations and factories do have a license. In case you are dealing with a factory directly which doesnot have a license, an independent import/ export company can take care of this.

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