2558-02-12 16:52 ChineseTime

Beijing Soluxe Courtyard Hotel

Among those hotels in the theme of Chinese traditional Siheyuan, Beijing Soluxe Courtyard Hotel (BSCH) is distinguished with its lagrest area and longest history. Located on the site of two former Ming temples named Guangji temple and Jiaci temple, BSCH undertook elaborate renovations on the entire buildings which are embellished with large-scale and elegant decoration in the distinctive architecture style of Ming and Qing dynasties.

Located in Gulou Street of Xicheng district and with a subway station nearby, it is convenient for both customers on business and those for leisure.

Lodging area of BSCH contains bungalows and storeyed buildings. There are 118 rooms ranging from standard ones to deluxe suites, with the accommodation of more than 200 guests. Food is specialized at Guangdong cuisine, and can serve 80 customers at the same time. A shop stall, a bar and a massage are served for the convenience of customers.

Address: No.2, Xitao Hutong, Jiugulou Street, Xicheng District of Beijing

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