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2554-05-13 15:15 ChineseTime

Kevin in Chinese Letters

Kevin: 凯文 kǎi wén


发音要领Essentials of Pronunciation
k:舌根送气清塞音。发音部位与g相同,但要使气流猛地从口中冲出。声带不振动。是与g 相对应的送气音。
An aspirated voiceless velar plosive. It is pronounced with the mouth in position for "g" , but explodes with a strong puff of air. The vocal cord does not vibrate. It is an aspirated equivalent of "g".
发音要领Essentials of Pronunciation
Compound finals. The former vowel is more open, longer and louder while the latter one is narrow, short, weak and blurred. It is imperative to have a natural glide but not a sudden change from the former to the latter.
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