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  • Badges of Fury (2013)
    Title in Chinese – 不二神探Title in Pinyin – bú èr shén tàn Genre – Action and comedySubject/theme – Two cops are on the trail of a serial killerLanguage – MandarinRegion – Hong Kong, ChinaRelease dateChina – 28 June 2013Director – Wang Zi MingCast & Role PlayedJet Li – Huang Fei HongWe...
  • Mark of Youth (2013)
    Title in Chinese –全城高考Title in Pinyin – quán chéng gāo kǎo Genre – DramaSubject/theme – The lives of four students as they take their final high school examsLanguage – MandarinRegion – ChinaRelease dateChina – 5 February 2013Movie Runtime – 98 minutesDirector – Zhong Xiao XiongCast ...
  • Tiny Times (2013)
    Title in Chinese – 小时代Title in Pinyin – xiǎo shí dàiGenre – DramaSubject/theme – The lives of four girls as they go from high school to collegeLanguage – MandarinRegion – ChinaRelease dateChina  – 27 June 2013Director – Guo Jing MingCast & Role PlayedYang Mi – Lin XiaoAmber Kuo – Gu ...
  • Assembly (2007)
    Movie InfoA veteran of China's Civil War rails against modern bureaucracy in hopes of finally receiving recognition for his bravery and to honor the memory of his fallen comrades in director Feng Xiaogang's big-budget war drama. The year was 1948, and the fighting between the Nationalist KMT and the...
  • An End to Killing (2013)
    Director: Wang PingScreenwriter: Ran PingProducers: Wang Ring, Shen Wugang , Iseki Satoru ,Lee JooickExecutive producers:Director of photography: Ming SunEditor: Stanley TamMusic: Kenji KawaiSales Agent: Fortissimo FilmsNo rating, 108 minutes.For the first time during recent thirty years, Universal ...
  • Together (2013)
    Title in Chinese – 在一起Title in Pinyin – zài yì qǐ Genre – Romantic ComedySubject/theme – Two unrelated stories of love and lifeLanguage – CantoneseRegion – Hong Kong, ChinaRelease dateHong Kong – 14 February 2013China – 14 February 2013Singapore – 21 February 2013Movie Runtime – 99 m...
  • พัดลมของ Bingbing 'แปลกใจในคืนหนึ่ง'
    Romantic comedy "Surprise in One Night" ("Yi Ye Jing Xi") starring Fan Bingbing will hit Chinese screens on August 13, Chinese Valentine's Day according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar.The film tells the story of a young woman played by Fan Bingbing finding Mr. Right. Aarif Rahman (also known as Aarif...
  • Wind Blast (2010)
    Qunshu Gao (director) / Qunshu Gao (screenplay)CAST: Yihong Duan … Xiang XiZhang Li … Han ChaodongFrancis Ng … Mai GaoDahong Ni … He JianzhongJacky Wu … Yang XiaomingYu Xia … Zhang NingCharlie Yeung … Sun JingWind Blast (2010) Movie ReviewChinese director Gao Qunshu continues his bid to be th...

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