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  • So Young (2013)
    Chinese Pinyin: zhì wǒ men zhōng jiāng shì qù de qīng chūnChinese Name:   致我们终将逝去的青春So Young is a 2013 Chinese drama film directed by Zhao Wei. It is based on the best-selling novel of the same name To Our Youth that is Fading Away by Xin Yiwu. The film is Zhao's directorial debut....
  • Conspirators (2013)
    Chinese Name:同(tóng) 谋(móu) Synopsis: ChanTan(by Aaron Kwok), a private detective in Thailand, travelled to Malaysia following the clues in a photo. There he looked for a man called Chai(byChan Koon Tai), who might help reveal the truths behind the murder of his parents 30 years ago.Chai’s adop...
  • Top 10 Chinese Kung Fu Movies
    5 Closed fist of Tale 精武英雄Fist of Tale is a 1994 development featuring martial artistry training champ Jet Li. It is a rebuilding of the 1972 movie Closed fist of Rage, which appeared the biggest martial artistry training legend of all, Bruce Lee.This movie is set in Shanghai in 1937, when the c...
  • The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel(2013)
    Chinese comedy "The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel" starring Liu Ye, Zhang Hanyu and Huang Bo is set for release on April Fool's Day.The story is set in old Beijing after a pestilence outbreak during the Second World War.The three lead actors have all been once honored at the Taiwan Golden Horse Awa...
  • Dangerous Liaisons (2012)
    Movie: Dangerous Liaisons (English title)Chinese: 危(wēi) 险(xiǎn) 关(guān) 系(xi)Director: Hur Jin-HoCast:Ziyi Zhang - Du FenyuJang Dong-Gun - Xie YifanCecilia Cheung - Mo JieyuShawn DouPlotSet in Shanghai, China in 1939. Madam Mo Jieyu (Cecilia Cheung) has wealth and power, but she doesn't have...
  • Saving General Yang (2013)
    Saving General Yang is an upcoming 2013 Hong Kong film directed by Ronny Yu. The story is based on the legendary Generals of the Yang Family.Director:Ronny YuCast:Adam Cheng, Ekin Cheng, Wu Chun, Raymond Lam, Vic ZhouCountry:Hong KongYear:2013Colour:ColourLanguage:PutonguaDuration:102 mins
  • A Beautiful Life (2011)
    A beautiful real-estate agent (Peiru) gets drunk at a karaoke bar and throws up on a principled, lonely cop (Zhendong). Zhendong quickly falls for the flirtatious Peiru despite the fact that she's having a tortuous affair with a married man. As Peiru gradually abandons her materialistic values and f...
  • Cold War (2012)
    Title: Cold War Chinese Title:寒(hán) 战(zhàn) Genre: Crime/Action Director: Sunny Luk/ Lok Man Leung Actors: Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung, Aarif Lee, Eddie Peng, Andy On, Lam Ka Tung, Ma Yili

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