Pekin'in ilk fotovoltaik şarj istasyonu debuts

2015-01-08 08:05 ChineseTime

běi jīng dì yí gè guāng fú chāo jí chōng diàn zhàn zuó tiān liàng xiàng

Beijing first photovoltaic charging station debuts

beijing's first photovoltaic charging station makes its debut on jan 6, 2015. [photo by feng yongbin/asianewsphoto]

Beijing's first photovoltaic charging station, located in the eastern Beijing district of Chaoyang, will be brought into operation in the middle of January. It takes only half an hour for new energy vehicles to finish charging. Drivers can pay with mobile payment or China UnionPay's "flash payment".

Beijing first photovoltaic charging station debuts

A car parked at an electric vehicle charging station waits to get charged, in Beijing on Jan 6, 2015. [Photo by Feng Yongbin/Asianewsphoto]

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