Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou Batı Gölü

2015-03-11 21:30 ChineseTime

háng zhōu xī zǐ hú sì jì jiǔ diàn

háng zhōu xī zǐ hú pàn de sì jì jiǔ diàn de wài guān
háng zhōu xī zǐ hú pàn de sì jì jiǔ diàn de wài guān
xiǎo qiáo liú shuǐ 、 qū jìng qīng yōu 。

Featuring pagoda-like peaked roof pavilions, water features, including a lagoon and streams, as well as the traditional color scheme of white walls, black tiles, gray rocks and red columns, the contemporary and chic hotel has been designed into a water garden, a famous traditional architectural style in the Hangzhou region.

The design concept of such a garden is to create unlimited views in a limited space, which has been well executed in the layout of the Four Seasons. Blending into the surrounding natural views and the West Lake, the hotel also offers a sense of intimacy and tranquility through the creative arrangement of space, buildings, rocks and trees.

Even when the hotel features just 78 guest rooms - including five suites - plus three residential-style villas for families and larger parties, one can easily stroll through the garden without bumping into other guests.

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