• Xilai Old Town Pujiang County
    gǔ sè gǔ xiāng xī lái gǔ zhèn 古色古香西来古镇
  • Wenshu Manastırı, Chengdu en büyük Budist tapınağı
    chuān xī zhe míng fó jiào shèng dì wén shū yuàn 川西著名佛教圣地 文殊院
  • Yüz yaşında çayevinde Chengdu
    chéng dōu shuāng liú péng zhèn bǎi nián lǎo chá guǎn 成都双流彭镇百年老茶馆
  • Shixiang göl manzara alanı
    Shixiang Lake is located at the exit of an 86 km highway between Chengdu and Ya'an, Pujiang District.
  • Wangjiang Kulesi Parkı
    It is a historic site established in dedication to the memory of Xue Tao, a female poet of the Tang Dynasty. Xue Tao was versatile and beautiful. History records that she wrote 500 poems and that her contemporaries greatly admired her.
  • Du Fu Thatched yazlık
    The Thatched Cottage of Du Fu is located at the side of the Flower Bathing Brook on the western outskirts of Chengdu. It is the former residence of the great poet Du Fu who lived during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).
  • Huanglongxi antik kenti
    Huanglong town has a long history, the prosperity of the surface of ancient merchant terminal, Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu's eternal quatrains, "commonly used sentences future generations of snow, park boats to moor the door" in the "Miles ship" from Chengdu is the first night of accommodation Huanglong...
  • Huanglongxi Antik Kent
    Huanglongxi is an ancient town with a history of more than 1,700 years. Situated in Shuangliu County, 30 kilometers southeast from Chengdu, Huanglongxi Ancient Town is greatly admired by visitors for its beautiful natural scenery and ancient Chinese culture.
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