• Shunjing Spa otel
    Hotels in Beijing--Shunjing Spa Hotel shùn jǐng wēn quán jiǔ diàn 顺 景 温 泉 酒 店
  • Hotel G Beijing
    Located in Beijing's trendy Sanlitun district, Hotel G is an extremely sexy hotel.
  • Liancheng Tianyi Resort
    Liancheng Tianyi Resort lián chéng tiān yì wēn quán dù jiǎ cūn 连城天一温泉度假村
  • Pekin Courtyard Hotel
    Beijing Courtyard Hotel is located on Andingmen West Street in Dongcheng District, the heart of Beijing. The hotel is close to many famous attractions, including Gulou, Yonghegong Lama Temple and Guozijian, Beijing's oldest Imperial Academy.
  • Longyan Yuqinglou Inn
    Yuqinglou Inn is located in the Yuqinglou Building in the Chuxi Earthen Building Complex, a world cultural heritage.
  • Tibet otel Chengdu
    Tibet Hotel is owned by Tibet autonomous region government, and it's a five-star national tourist hotel, a "golden leaf grade" green hotel, theme hotel with the highest level of Tibet culture in China.
  • Temple otel Pekin
    Temple Hotel Beijing Zhizhusi is the centerpiece of The Temple Hotel. Today, it is part of a spacious cultural venue covering almost 3,500 square meters.
  • Qin Tang Fu Courtyard 7
    Since Qing dynasty, the history of Courtyard7 has been connected with some influential figures. In late Qing dynasty, the Empress Dowager Cixi bestowed this courtyard on one of her senior minister, who was of the fourth rank.
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