Pearl Hotel, Karamay

2015-08-21 17:22 ChineseTime

kè lā mǎ yī míng zhū dà jiǔ diàn

Pearl Hotel Karamay

Pearl Hotel, affiliated with Xinjiang West Pearl Engineering Construction Co, was built in November 1994, and evaluated by the Xinjiang Tourism Bureau as a three-star hotel in May 2006.

It is located in Karamay district and is about 16 kilometers away from the airport. It covers an area of 10,873 square meters and has 101 guestrooms, including one presidential suite and five deluxe suites.

The three-floor restaurant mainly serves Cantonese, Xinjiang, Chuan and Xiang cuisines. It also includes a multifunctional hall that can accommodate up to 300 people for meetings and banquets.

The hotel is also equipped with a sauna, beauty salon, shopping malls, business center and gym.


Address: No 80 Youyi Road, Karamay district, Karamay

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