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Learn Chinese: shàng hǎi dì tiě
                             上    海  地 铁 

shanghai metro

Line One

The Shanghai Metro is the urban rapid transit system of China's largest city, Shanghai. The system incorporates both subway [地(dì) 铁(tiě) ]and light rail [轻(qīng) 轨(guǐ) ] lines. It opened in 1995, making Shanghai the third city in Mainland China, after Beijing and Tianjin, to have a rapid transit system. Since then, the Shanghai Metro has become one of the fastest-growing rapid transit systems in the world.

The metro system is still developing with more new metro lines and extensions are under construction. The 2020 plan covers a system consisting of 20 lines and 877 km track. length.

shanghai metro

Metro Line 1
Route: Fujin Road - Xinzhuang ( 28 stops )
Opened: 1995
Subway Line 1 passes through the city center from north to southwest. The most important stations are Shanghai Railway Station, People's Square and Shanghai South Railway Station.
So if you would like to go the railway stations, Subway Line 1 is a good choice. Get off at People's Square, you can walk to Nanjing Road and the Bund. At the Station of People's Square, you can interchange both for Line 2 and Line 8.

Metro Line 2
Route: East Xujing - Pudong International Airport ( 30 stops )
Opened: 1999
Subway Line 2 passes through the city center from east to west connecting Puxi (west of Shanghai) and Pudong (east of Shanghai) crossing the Huangpu River. The important stations are People's Square, Century Avenue (Pudong) and Pudong International Airport.

Metro Line 3
Route: North Jiangyang Road - Shanghai South Railway Station ( 29 stops )
Opened: 2000
Subway Line 3 passes through the city center from Northeast to Southwest. The important stations are Hongkou Football Stadium, Shanghai Railway Station, Zhongshan Park, Yoshan Road, Shanghai Indoor Stadium and Shanghai South Railway Station. So both Line 1 and Line 3 interchange at Shanghai South Railway Station.

Metro Line 4
Route: Loop line beginning at Yishan Road & Yangshupu Road ( 26 stops )
Start: 2005
Subway Line 4 is a loop line surrounding the outline of the city center linking Puxi and Pudong. The important stations are Yishan, Shanghai Indoor Stadium, South Xizang RD, Century Avenue, Shanghai Railway Station and Zhongshan Park.

shanghai metro

Metro Line 5
Route: Xinzhuang - Minhang Development Zone ( 11 stops )
Opened: 2003
Subway Line 5 is a suburban line linking the southwest of Shanghai, an extended line of Line 1 in the southwest of Shanghai.

Metro Line 6
Route: Gangcheng Road - Oriental Sports Center ( 28 stops )
Opened: 2007
Subway Line 6 passes the Pudong area from north to south. So it is a Pudong only line. The most important station is Century Avenue.

Metro Line 7
Route: Meilan Lake - Huamu Road ( 32 stops )
Opened: 2009
Subway Line 7 starts from the southeast of Pudong, then goes to the south of Puxi, then to the north of Puxi.  The other important stations are Jing An RD and Shanghai University.

Metro Line 8
Route: Shiguang Road - Aerospace Museum ( 29 stops )
Opened: 2007
Subway Line 8 passes the city center from the northest to the south. The important stations are Hongkou Football Stadium, People's Square, Luiabang, South Xizang, Yaohua and Aerospace.

Metro Line 9
Route: Songjiang Xincheng - Middle Yanggao Road ( 23 stops )
Opened: 2007
Subway Line 9 runs from the east ( Middle Yanggao Road ) to the west passing the city center. The important stations are Century Avenue, Lujiabng, Xujiahui and Yishan.

Metro Line 10
Route: Xinjiangwancheng - Hongqiao Railway Station/Hangzhong Road ( 31 stops )
Opened: 2010
Subway Line 10 has a main line and a branch line.The first phase of the main line currently runs from New Jiangwan Town to Longxi Road; the branch line runs from Longxi Road on the main line to Hangzhong Road. The line is coloured lavender on system maps.

Metro Line 11
Route: Jiading North - Jiangsu Road ( 16 stops )
Opened: 2009
Subway Line 11 is a suburban line linking Northwest of Shanghai. Line 5 interchanges with Line 2, Line 3 and Line 4 inthe northwest of Shanghai.

shanghai metro

Megalev Line
Route: Longyang Road - Pudong International Airport 2stops )
Opened: 2002
Maglev Line connects Pudong Airport with the subway station of Longyang of Line 2 and Line 7. So if you would like to take Maglev, you are advised first to take Subway Line 2 or Line 7 for the transit.




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