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The tend towards of financial crisis 
Who is teacher YunFeng?

Teacher YunFeng is a technology researcher has traditional China’s characteristic person. He is different from technology researchers of classifications and categories currently and is a chaste person for combining all of knowledge to the whole body. He researches fields that including politics, finance, natural disaster, individual fortune, education and so on. Below is an article I wrote for YunFeng’s opinion of economy crisis.

Recently, YunFeng (www.512-china.org) especially attentions to each country’s solve blue print and find a question! Their blue print is particular quickly come out. However, we don’t know whether these national sovereigns though those or not. How do they consider the final result? Whether they can solve economy problem or not?

National finance should budget and use carefully and every minuet and every centi that should have practical value. If you blindfold use, then it will make the whole of national finance sink as deep as possible in the bog pool. Recently, there is a news report “A big shot of USA demand government save Prostitution and apply 50 billions dollars to save them”. The news report made me amazed! I might get two conclusions in the news report. 1. The Pornography Industry is a big interest group. They may demand lots of money from congress to save their crisis. 2. The finance of USA government is open Gold Mountain and Silver Mountain. They are satisfied with private business’s wish what you want to get and I just give those to you. For this kind of event, China will not pay attention to this loony tone request. After all, the private businesses are no power to demand financial aid what nation gives! Native money should be treasure instead of make meaningless victimization from take taxpayer funds. Does the pornography industry pay taxes over 50 billions? So the sovereign makes decision of national finance that should carefulness and carefulness, wariness and wariness!

Although Iceland is a small country but their banking business possesses important position in Europe and world. During the 1990s, the stock market was prosperous; there is money of many interest arbitrage businesses that swarm into market in particular and excite banking development quickly. Let’s see the situation after Iceland was steeped to the lips in economy problem. Up to Oct 9th, 2008, the former three Banks (Kaupthing, Landsbanki, Glitnir) were taken over by government. According to the statistics, the three banks owe a debt that is six hundred and ten billion dollars; it is 12 times of economic aggregate, about two hundred thousand dollars per person.

Upwards is simple summarizing of Iceland. The incumbent prime minister ever occupies finance minister and banker in Iceland. The banking business developed and achieved the much higher level. As a result, he put banking business of Iceland to Primary Industry, and it is his fault.
The Friday of October in 2008, the bank of Reykjavik occurred stand in a line and run on a bank situation in Iceland. (guantianzd.blog.sohu.com) The common people took out their deposits and put into safest accounts. A spokesman of supermarket announced that no money import food from overseas and a lot of people swarmed into supermarket and bought commodities and store goods at home on that night. The island country has a 320,000 population and was evaluated “fittest live of country” in 2007 by United Nation, but the Iceland become first hapless country under the economy problem in USA. Iceland is faced with entire breakdown of economy market. The currency devaluated rapidly, national grade was dropped continually; foreign banks already broke off banking business with Iceland. Iceland's foreign exchange resources will be dried up; it is high for national debt fell back, and so on.

It is thus clearly obvious that the decision fault of national sovereign will cause lots of common people to suffer! There out, we can see national sovereign, lacking prediction ability widely. It is especially outstanding when they face economy problem. The example of Iceland reflected everyone’s presence all the other countries in the same situation.

The economy problem broke out in USA 2008. The beginning of 2009, the economy problem just beginning in the world! Aforementioned private business sought their benefit and demand government’s financial aid. They didn’t know the light and weight from their benefit and national benefit! If the government keeps the trend, then the national treasury will be red figure in the final no matter Gold Mountain or Silver Mountain. Although, the government is satisfied with the desire of some interest group and put government’s hand in government’s pocket. The key problem is society that was composed of upper class, middle class, and underclass. If the national treasury is empty, how to solve the problem of employment of middle class and underclass and other problems? There is a law of hundred and thousand years comes out! If some class’s interest of society cannot be satisfied, then the civil strife will happen in this country. Any country is no way to escape from all over the world and it is foreordination.

We greatly don’t want to see the situation of “spend less money in indisposition, no money to cure the serious illness” happen in any country of all over the world. The money of government absolutely cannot get into the wallet of interest group.

The financial resources and national power of country is limited. It likes families and must complete with make both ends meet. Money will be spent out and empty whatever the house how rich is or how big is! A country is composed of many families. Everybody is au pair. Some paid taxes more than others, some paid taxes less than others. However they are same in the country’s eye.

Below is the goal we wrote this article.

Point at the situation I aforementioned, if government really gives money to these interest group, then the action equals “kill poor and save rich” to describe government behavior. (cishanxingdao.blog.sohu.com) It is a very woefully matter. If the national sovereign makes the final decision, then they do not fulfill and have a bad conscience for the title of president and prime minister.

The important problem is national leader who don’t know us. If they knew us and got YunFeng’s point, then they cannot make wrong decision. There is a huge problem-- no prediction ability what they did. We can tell what method should be used. Every country must have prophetic ideas when they make the rescue planning and must make it accurately. We can stand out and help them for the world's people and world peace. We can use our prediction to help national leaders and countries all over the world.

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