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Arama karakteri
Çince karakterler, pinyin veya kök dizini yazın. E.g: '好', veya 'hao3' veya '女 3'

Frequency: 17,451‱
    (v.)like,love,be fond of;be liable to
  • 虚心好学 be modest and ager to learn

  • 他好开玩笑。He is fond of jesting.

  • 好晕船 be liable to seasickness

  • (adj.)good,fine,nice;be in good health,get well;friendly,kind;finish,ready
  • 早上好。Good morning.

  • 你好。Hello.

  • 我得身体比去年好多了。I am in better health now than last year.

  • 他们从小就很好。They have been close friends since childhood.

  • 他们把货物都装好了么?Have they finished loading up yet?

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