Của Apple thiết bị mặc đầu tiên nhằm mục tiêu thị trường Trung Quốc

2015-03-17 19:55 ChineseTime

Apple first wearable device aims at Chinese market

Apple's launch of its first wearable device, the Apple Watch, is aimed squarely at China, with some features designed to lure wealthy Chinese consumers.
China is well-poised to surpass the tech giant’s top two markets – the US and Europe. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said China could eventually become the company’s top market, as 21 percent of the

company's total sales were made in China last quarter. Its new smart watch is also available in gold – an appeal to Chinese consumers’ taste for luxury timepieces.
According to Internet consultants Enfodesk, sales of wearable devices will top 13.5 billion yuan in China this year, five times last year's sales. Enfodesk also says that more than 70 percent of

Chinese customers will only be interested in wearable devices costing less than 1,000 yuan. So Apple's new timepiece might be a little too high-end for those interested in something simpler.
The most expensive edition of the Apple Watch costs 126,800 yuan in China, as much as some models of a Rolex. Despite the comparatively high prices, experts still have confidence in its sales.
The cheapest edition of the Apple Watch will cost 2,588 yuan, and is virtually guaranteed more sales than the top-market version.
Consumers can make online bookings for the Apple Watch starting April 10, and the watches themselves will go on sale in stores April 24.


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