Chengkan làng

2012-11-14 10:44 ChineseTime

Chengkan Village--呈(chéng) 坎(kǎn) 村(cūn)

chéng kǎn shuāng xián lǐ , jiāng nán dì yì cūn
呈    坎  双     贤   里 , 江    南  第 一 村 

Well-deserving of its UNESCO World Heritage Site status, the village of Chengkan in Anhui Province is a perfect place to see distinctive Ming Dynasty architecture. Not only is the 1,800-year-old town incredibly well-preserved, but it also is a showcase for impressive artisans' work built into the town's structures themselves. It's well worth the half-hour trip from neighboring Tunxi.

Artist renderings of the town of Chengkan.

When stepping into the village, you are as if stepping into a maze: three main streets and ninety-nine lanes criss-crossing the village with hills and rivers surrounding it. Of course it's not the Labyrinth of Minos in Greek Mythology, but in Chengkan, a exploration of the intricacy of lanes as well as the primitive life of the locals is surely worthwhile. The special layout of the residences together with the mother river of the village, Longxi River, are believed to bring liveliness and fortune to the whole village and the welfare will be passed down from generation to generation.

An old man in Chengkan shows off a German chair imported over a century ago

Chengkan Village is a also perfect representative of Anhui architectures. The ancient architectures contain elegant pavilions, houses, bridges, wells, ancestral temples, etc. Moreover, there are exquisite stone carvings, brick carvings, and wood carvings on each house.

Beam supports literally tell a story in the town of Chengkan

The ancestral temple of Chengkan village is noted for its architecture. The Baolun Hall in ancestral temple is a outstanding example of the refined beauty of Chengkan's architecture. It is very fascinating to see the elaborate engravings of flowers and geometric pattern on the bluestone parapets and creative colored paintings on the beams, lintels and doorframe. The colors remain bright and fresh although throughout ages. A pair of wooden staircases ascends to the second floor on which through the finely engraved windows, visitors can have a good view of the Mt. Huangshan.

Incredibly detailed ceiling beams of a building in Chengkan

chéng kǎn gǔ cūn zuì zhí dé dà shū tè shū de shì tā bǎo cún wán hǎo de míng dài jiàn zhù ,
bù jǐn lèi xíng fēng fù , qí fēng gé zhī dú tè zài quán guó dū shǔ dú yì wú èr ,
gù yǒu “ chéng kǎn mín jū jiǎ tiān xià ” zhī yù 。

jīng zhàn de gōng yì hé jīng měi de shí diāo 、 zhuān diāo 、 mù diāo 、 cǎi huì

jiāng huī zhōu gǔ jiàn zhù yì shù de gǔ 、 dà 、 měi 、 yǎ

tǐ xiàn dé lín lí jìn zhì 。

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