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2011-04-21 14:00 ChineseTime

Food and Life on the Streets of Shanghai


by Gena Falzon

Shanghai, not unlike the rest of urban Asia, is steeped in the tradition of daily life conducted on the street. Shanghai's street life tradition is, for now, alive and well in the remaining pockets of laocheng, however most of these neighborhoods are slated for demolition within the next 3 or 4 years to make room for modernization.

With photography, I have spent the last few years documenting life in traditional Shanghai neighborhoods. My camera and I have spent many hours in the laocheng (especially Hongkou and south of the Bund), capturing daily scenes, portraiture of residents, architecture, domiciles, food and commerce.

This photo story is of Shanghai's traditional food offerings, from preparation to sale to ready-to-eat. My aim is to give people a close-up view of some familiar food scenes in the Old City, and perhaps offer a new perspective of the beauty of this particular part of street life.

Only minimal exposure edits have been made to the digital files. All photos were shot with a Canon 300D SLR system and 50mm/f1.4 USM lens.


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