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  • We are hiring !- 寻人启事!
    We are hiring !- 寻人启事!
  • Shichahai muốn tốt nghiệp đại học như trình điều khiển li. - chào mừng với người nước ngoài
    Shichahai wants college graduates as pedicab drivers - foreigners welcome
  • Shanghai's job market expands 20%
    BEIJING, Aug. 7 -- The number of job vacancies and job seekers in Shanghai's second quarter have risen about 20 percent compared to the first quarter this year, according to a job market report issued yesterday. The report, released by the Shanghai Labor and Social Security Bureau, said 20,...
  • Làm thế nào để được Headhunted cho công việc Trung Quốc
    As an expat in China, you will find a serious lack of jobs to apply for via recruitment companies, job boards and published in the media. To the hiring manager, local Chinese candidates represent low risk hires with native level language skills, China competitor experience and an established network...
  • Làm thế nào để tìm một công việc tại Trung Quốc
    1. Officially, in order to work in China, a foreigner must possess an employment work permit as well as what's commonly referred to as a "Z Visa." Although some companies in China (specifically local, smaller Chinese firms and some English schools) may hire foreigners without a Z visa or work permit...
  • Các lời khuyên hữu ích cho các sinh viên nước ngoài để tìm việc làm bán thời gian tại Trung Quốc
    For foreign students who are studying in China, finding a part-time job can not only make their lives more comfortable, but also helps them to practice their oral Chinese and learn more about China. What are the main ways for foreign students to find a part-time job in China?Try to search onlineStar...
  • Thông tin công việc
  • Giám đốc phát triển kinh doanh
    Business Development Manager for a leading photovoltaic factory engineering firm As a specialist for the photovoltaic industry, the internationally structured vogt group SE combines - together with its subsidiaries - established knowledge about the planning and rea...
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