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2011-05-09 17:23 ChineseTime

Renting in Shanghai


- Please note a recent change this year (2007) requires each occupant of an apartment to have 1 bedroom each, you can no longer have a 1 bedroom apartment as a couple.

- Unless you know Chinese very well, most apartment rents for a 1 bedroom apartment will start around 2800 RMB a month, and may not include bills for electric, water, gas and Broadband.

- Make sure you sign a decent contract that is in dual translation English and Chinese. But get a teacher or friend to check the Chinese as that is always the one that takes precedence. (check small print like notice to kick you out for Landlord reasons, or issues with money)

- You will have to pay first month’s rent, along side with a 2 month security deposit as well.

- It’s normally best to look in the local Expat adverts or websites for room mates and housing, as going through a agency will cost more money. And it’s not too hard to find a reasonable deal yourself.

- You cannot buy a place of your own in Shanghai unless you have been there for a whole year.




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