2012 Yearly Chinese Horoscope for Dragon

2012-06-27 11:15 ChineseTime

Did you find things going more slowly than you wanted last year? That can happen when the Rabbit is in charge. You can forget all that now, as this year is the time of the your own sign, Dragon! Chances are you'll love the pace and all the action. Your year ahead has a 60 percent favorable rating. That's good, but far from outstanding. So, what gives? First, the Dragon is a karmic sign, which means you're going to have more than your share of high highs and low lows. Not only that, but if you're a typical Dragon, you enjoy taking risks. Dashing and daring is fine, but you know you can't sink every long shot. Don't get carried away or overconfident ... but do have a good year. After all, you own it!
Your enterprising personality and sheer enthusiasm are perfect for the year ahead. It's your time to shine! Important changes could take place with work -- a promotion, a shift in responsibilities or even an entirely new job. Progress might start slowly, but you can expect major shifts over time. Take the direct approach if there's a company you want to work for or a field you'd like to explore. What makes you the best candidate for a job? Your positive attitude, creativity and boundless energy, of course, so be sure to show off those characteristics. It makes sense to go after whatever stirs your soul and piques your curiosity. You could gain a greta deal just by putting yourself out there this year.
Did you resolve some relationship issues in the year of the Rabbit? Hopefully so, as it was the perfect time to mend fences. By now, you should be on a path toward new -- or renewed -- love. There could be a big reason to celebrate this year since the Dragon loves weddings and parties! Start tasting cakes and comparing venues! If you're single, prepare to be swept off your feet -- perhaps more than once. It could be a social and vibrant time for you on the dating scene; just keep in mind that passionate affairs can lose their luster quickly with the Dragon's influence. If you're looking for something serious, take things slowly and don't settle for less. It's quite possible that the love of your life will cross your path this year.
Amid all the fun and games this year, remember that your body is your temple. Don't let the long hours of starting your business or socializing with new friends affect your sleep. Be sure to schedule periods of rest -- put them on your calendar next to your weekly meal plans, exercise classes and dedicated downtime. You probably won't want to slow down, but you'll burn out if you don't maintain some balance. All in all, you will probably feel healthy, strong and vibrant during your good months, and not too shabby during your unfavorable ones.
You probably hate routine ... but what if being boring could bring you riches this year? Draw up a savings schedule for yourself. Give yourself a weekly budget and spend with cash so you don't go over it. Don't blow extra money on home improvements and upgrades. If you do all this, you could reap the benefits of a lucky year by coming out very far ahead! Good fortune is predicted for you, but pushing the limits could send it crashing down into ruin. So, be smart. If the thought of budgeting your money and making expense lists gives you anxiety, hire someone to help you get organized. It should pay off in the end.



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