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huī zhōu máo dòu fu

Hairy tofu--Mao tofu

Hairy tofu is one of Anhui’s famous cuisine. It also known as Huizhou “Mao tofu”.
As the name suggests,it is the specialty local cuisine of the region of Huizhou including Shexian, Tunxi, Xiuning (Now all belong to Huangshan “City) .

Taste is more important than anything else as far as food is concerned. The Chinese have never restricted themselves to a certain tedious food list.
With their understanding of food, the Chinese are always looking for an inspiration for change. Hairy tofu is a good example.

The unique geological environment and mild weather in southern Anhui have form calm and conserved qualities in its people, though so produced unique food.

Hairy tofu--Mao tofu
Hairy tofu is named after the white hairy-like downy mould that grows on the surface during fermentation.
The strange food covered with white hypha (菌丝) is actually tofu.

Hairy tofu’s hair

The heavy hair covering tofu launches our imagination. The white thin hair is the hypha of mucor(菌丝),which gives tofu a new vitality. It’s hard to believe how this food is actually made. Maybe some of you can’t accept the appearance of hairy tofu, But it is the hair that brings amazing taste. In my eyes, the fair even is very cute instead of ugly.

Huizhou Mao tofu

How to taste hairy tofu

Huizhou people who are gourmets can truly appreciate hairy tofu. You can have it in a simple or complicated way. In the mind of old Huizhou people, a little bit of chilly sauce goes best with coal roast tofu.

Huizhou Mao tofu

Huizhou people call this strong flavor—a flavor of hometown.

Huizhou is a mountainous area ,so many people choose to go out to making a living by doing business . Those people usually are some young adults and now named Hui Shang. Their parents, wives and children are left alone. Many women even spend the whole life to wait for their husbands’ return.

The man also miss their families very much,when comes to hometown, they wipe out the sadness through eating hairy tofu. It meant an awful to Huishang, when they finally come back, all things changed. hairy tofu still taste good, but their parents and wives may have passed away. Money can’t take the place of families.

The legend of hairy tofu

It’s said that hairy tofu are created by Zhu Yuan zhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty. When he was a beggar in Hui zhou,people gave him a tofu, but Zhu was too value to eat, so he hid the tofu and covered the tofu with a mat. A few days later,he was surprised to find that tofu was covered with white fair, but he still didn’t willing to throw away. He tried to Set the pot on the fire,  put oil into the pot and fried tofu. The taste was good beyond his imagination .The hairy tofu are popular among Huizhou people gradually.

The hairy tofu is important to Huizhou people as well as Shaobing. What’s more, they become a symbol of Huizhou.As a Huizhou people, I do enjoy these cuisine and show great respect for Huizhou people’s wisdom.




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