2017-05-20 11:43 ChineseTime

Red Cloud Hanging over Ancient Castle by Zhou Runsheng in Yangyuan couty of Zhangjiakou in North China's Hebei province.

The Historical Buildings along the Belt and Road: Architectural Photography Exhibition is on until June 30 in Beijing.

About 160 images were selected for the photographic exhibition out of more than 3000 entries received from photographers both in China and abroad.

Under the Dome by Luo Ming in Yongzhou city, Central China’s Hunan province.

Aerial View of Crescent Lake in Desert by Zhao Xingming in Dunhuang, Northwest China’s Gansu province.

Ancient Yangguan Beacon Tower by Luo Ming in Dunhuang, Northwest China’s Gansu province.

Impregnable Ancient Pass by Luo Ming in Dunhuang, Northwest China’s Gansu province.

Cabins in Seclusion taken by Xu Hui in Kaiping Diaolou village in South China’s Guangdong province.

Tower Shining with Stars by Yang Jipei at the Modou Mountain in Jianchuan county in Dali of Southwest China’s Yunnan province.

Jokhang Temple by Wang Chaomei in Lhasa, capital of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region.

Ancient Town by Zhu Honghui in Hami of Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.



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