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Running on Water

Chinese monk Shi Liliang from the south Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou city, Fujian Province, successfully broke his record of walking on water during a martial arts show at the local Caobang Reservoir on Sunday, 26 October, 2014.

Running on Water(水上漂shuǐ shàng piāo) is one the temple's 72 renowned martial stunts and sees monks run across the water's surface on a series of wooden planks. Shi ran for 118 meters at the event.

Running on Water

Monk Shi Liliang runs on wooden planks on the water at Caobang Reservoir in Quanzhou city, southeast China's Fujian province, 26 October 2014. [Photo: Imagine China]

Running on water is Qinggong (轻功 qīng gōng), a technique in Chinese martial arts which is similar to flying skill. Its use has been exaggerated in wuxia fiction, where martial artist has the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surface, scaling high walls, mounting trees, appearing as though they can fly.

Kung Fu Terms

(1) External Kung Fu (外功wài gong) trains a person in the skills and techniques of a kung fu style. The training develops the muscles, tendons, bones and physical fitness.

(2) Internal Kung Fu (内功nèi gong) develops and treats the Qi (internal energy) in the body.

(3) Qinggong (轻功qīng gong) means "the art of lightness". The body is trained to be "light as feather", so that a person can run at great speed, leap high and drop down softly on the tip of the toe.

(4) Closing or Opening Energy Points (点穴,解穴diǎn xué ,jiě xué) is a specialized skill in martial arts. When pressure is applied to a person’s energy point, he can be immobilized or even die. Similarly, the 'closed' energy point can be 'opened' or re-activated so that the person can move again.

(5) Energy Points(穴xué) These are acupuncture points located on the external pathway of the Qi channels.

(6) Fighting Pose (武功招数wǔ gōng zhāo shù ) Each kung fu style has a practice routine which is made up of a series of fighting poses. There is no minimum or maximum number of fighting poses. Fighting poses can be joined together in sequences and the sequences can be varied. Each pose is given a descriptive phrase, for example ‘Black Tiger Steals Heart’, a straight punch at the chest from Shaolin kung fu.

Martial Arts Levels

Level 1 Jing 精 (jīng, Essence) – to train the muscles, tendons and bones. This leads to the development of External Kung Fu (Wai-Gong外功 ).

Level 2 Qi 气 (qì, Internal Energy) – to develop, treat and refine the internal energy. This leads to the development of Internal Kung Fu (Nei-Gong 内功).

Level 3 Shen 神 (shén, Spirit) – to attain spiritual fulfilment. In Buddhism, one is said to have reached ‘enlightenment’, and in Daoism, one is in union with the Dao or Way.




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