2011-11-21 23:01 ChineseTime
Saihanba Forest Park is in the north of Hebei Province where Mongolian National Minority Autonomous County is. It was a part of Magnolia paddock which was the famed Royal Hunting Field. SaiHanBa in Mongolian means:the beautiful mountains. Saihanba is a natural pasture with plenty of grass and water, thick forest with many animals. The most characteristic in Saihanba is Forest Steppe. Saihanba is known to be〝the source of river, clouds of hometown, the world of flower, a forest of the sea.〞The climate here is a little bit hot in summer, but, in summer evening, here is a summer resort, it especially suitable for lover to have a date.


Distance: from Beijing to Saihanba is 460KM.
Characteristics: driving cross-country vehicle by yourself, rafting, General nur
The best time: four Seasons, but in summer




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