Top 12 tips for traveling in China

2015-06-01 07:59 ChineseTime

Top 12 tips for traveling in China

China is a vast and culturally diverse country, which makes traveling in it for the first time incredibly daunting. Forum readers share some tips -- from their experiences -- to make newcomers' lives a little easier. Have you got your own China travel tips? You're welcome to add yours.

1. Travel light. Most hotels here provide toothbrushes/paste, soap, shampoo, etc. They even provide house shoes!

2. Don't travel during holiday season.

3. Always carry tissues. You won't find toilet paper in public bathrooms.

4. Carry a translation device in case you need to ask questions.

5. Always buy bottle water. Tap water is undrinkable in China.

6. Learn some basic courtesy vocabulary: xie-xie - thank you. Qing wen - Please, may I ask? Mai dan - the bill please. Hui shuo ying wen ma? - Can you speak English? Bu hao yi si - I'm sorry/excuse me.

7. Travel with friends, possibly those who live in the country.

8. Always try as many varieties of food as possible.

9. Take trains whenever possible. Chinese trains are the best bargain for the money to move in the country, as well as the safest.

10. Get your destination written in Chinese, and always ask first before you take a taxi.

11. Lodge in youth hostels. They offer discount price accommodation in dorms and also singles or doubles.

12. Learn to bargain. Don't accept the first price given by peddlers – it is likely high.




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