2016-02-21 17:43 ChineseTime

Useful tips for wrinkle-free packing

When packing for a family trip, the following tips can give your suitcase a wrinkle-free look and save space at the same time.

Make a packing list and delete unnecessary items like a money belt, a silk sleeping bag liner, dedicated travel clothing etc. If you do want to take silks and delicates with you, wrap them in tissue paper.

Roll t-shirts and leggings. Cottony items usually stay in good shape when they are refrained from flopping around in the suitcase. Most of the time, the outcome of rolling is more remarkable than flat packing.

Mind the gaps. Fill the gaps with soft accessories, such as socks, scarves, a wrapped multipurpose knife, medicine or anything that can wedge into the tight space.( Agencies )



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