2011-07-14 11:35 ChineseTime

Chongqing (formerly Chungking) is the commercial, industrial and transportation hub of Southwest China. It is a key inland port located on the Yangtze River in mountainous Sichuan Province. More than 14 million people live in Chongqing's massive jurisdictional area of 3,783 square miles.


In addition to its rapidly developing industries, Chongqing takes pride in its many universities and technical schools, including the renowned Sichuan Fine Arts Academy. The city also is the take-off point for cruises through the spectacular gorges of the Yangtze River and excursions to the remarkable Song Dynasty Buddhist stone carvings at Dazu.

Seattle and Chongqing have conducted nearly 200 exchanges in education, the arts, government, trade, medicine and science since establishing sister city ties in 1983. The Woodland Park Zoo and the University of Washington's Burke Museum have ongoing affiliations and exchanges with sister institutions in Chongqing.


Both the Youth Acrobatic Troupe and the Peking Opera Troupe of Chongqing have delighted audiences at the Seattle International Children's Festival. Educational and cultural programs for youth are an increasingly important focus of activity. Planning is moving rapidly forward in one of the most exciting exchange projects — the Seattle Chinese Garden, a five-acre traditional garden of pavilions, pagodas, ponds, and lush greenery that will be a jewel among Seattle's parks.




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