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  • 网上学习普通话
    Online Mandarin LearningPractical Chinese > Beginner Level >How are you? Objective In this unit, you will learn: Learn how to greet people when you meet a new friend.Sentence and vocabulary你好! 你叫什么名字?nǐ hǎo ! nǐ jiào shén me míng zi ?我叫……wǒ jiào … … Phonetics声母 b p m...
  • 学习汉语
    Learn Mandarin Chinese Practical Chinese > Beginner Level > Would you like to order dishes? << Back to Unit>> Next SectionVocabulary 12 1小姐n.xiǎo jiěmiss2菜单n.cài dānmenu3拿v.náto take4点v.diǎnto order5菜n.càidish6饮料n.yǐn liàodrink / beverage7啤酒n.pí jiǔbeer8主食n.zhǔ shístaple f...
  • Universal sentences for Travel 1
    Good Morning Sir/Madam 先生/女士 早晨好Good Afternoon 午安How are you? 你好么Do you speak English? 你讲英语吗?I can speak a little English. 我可以讲一点英语Please speak slowly. 请慢慢讲Would you mind speak louder please? 请讲大声一些Do you wear glasses? 你有戴眼镜么?I wear contact lenses. 我戴隐...
  • Universal sentences for Travel 2
    11.Are you ready now? 你准备好了么?12.Turn on the engine (car). 点火13.Let's go. 现在开始14.Right turn. 右转15.Left turn. 左转16.Go straight/keep moving straight. 直行17.First street right turn/left turn. 第一条街右转/左转18.Traffic light right turn/left turn. 交通灯右转/左转19.Stop sign, make ...
  • Learn Chinese 5 Minutes
    Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes. Learn useful dialog quickly!spent 5 minutes per day, learn useful sentencesc in varied situations About IntroductionAbout ShoppingAbout VisitsAsking About The AddressAsking DirectionsAsking for HelpGreetingsTalking About The WeatherTimeYear, ...
  • 汉语学习
    Mandarin Chinese Learn Practical Chinese > Beginner Level > Do you need a taxi? << Back to Unit>> Next SectionConversation 123 Listen to the conversation, pay attention to the pronouncation and vocabulary. 司机:nǐyàoqùnǎlǐ? 你要去哪里?Where do you want to go? 乘客:wǒyàoqùjīchǎng,yu...



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