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  • Strategy 21- Shed Off the Shell Like a Golden Cicada
    Shed Off the Shell Like a Golden CicadaWhen the golden cicada periodically sheds off its skin, it would fly off but leave its outer shell intact. Here, it means to divert the enemy's attention in order to escape intact. In 1206 AD during the Song Dynasty, the emperor sent an army to attack Jin but ...
  • Strategy 20 -Catch a Fish While the Water is Disturbed
    Catch a Fish While the Water is Disturbedhún shuǐ mō yú 浑水摸鱼---Originally it means to roil the water sediments in order to cloud the vision of the fish and catch the fish.Here it means to create confusion so that the enemy does not know what is real and what is not, nor where we are feinting...
  • Strategy 8 - Secretly Passing to Chen Cang
    Liou Bang knew that Siang Yu was suspicious of him. So after he brought his troops into Hanzhong (city in Shaanxi), he burned the walkway which connected Hanzhong (city in Shaanxi) with the outside world. This way, Liou Bang not only prevented others from invading Hanzhong (city in Shaanxi), but he ...
  • Looking for a Steed with the Aid Of Its Picture按图索骥
    àn tú suǒ jì按 图 索 骥Looking for a Steed with the Aid Of Its Picture春秋时,秦国有个名叫孙阳的人,善于鉴别马的好坏,他把自己识马的经验写成书,名为《相马经》。这本书图文并茂地介绍了各类好马,所以人们把孙阳叫“伯乐”。 书上写着:良马有高高的额头,鼓起的眼睛,马蹄是圆圆的。孙阳的儿子熟读了这本书...



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